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Join Our Mailing List Want to stay informed on upcoming events and opportunities to connect with fellow #UNCAlumni? Join our club mailing list! Different information goes out on the club list versus the GAA Broadcast list and that is a limited email so you won’t get spammed!

To join the Foothills Carolina Club mailing list, please visit to log on to the GAA community and subscribe to the Foothills Carolina Club list – this will allow you to receive our local club emails. If it is your first time logging on, you will need your PID number to register. Contact the UNC records department or email for assistance. To receive Broadcast emails – please update your address with GAA – if you’ve moved and haven’t updated this address that is how they determine what Broadcast emails you receive (and as mentioned before these are limited emails that only go out one to two times a month).

You can also join the Foothills email list by going to and completing the Google form.